The Skyfire Ascendance

Information (P-02)
from the journal of Janis Velatree

4/3/79 DR
10:25, Night

This is quite the predicament, indeed. The WeavePasha gathered his advisors today and spoke with us in private in regards to taking a subtle offensive against the genasi. Zsazz suggested we hire mercenaries to supplement our defenses, and send trustworthy warriors ahead with some of the guard to fortify to the west. Jordan countered with a logical argument, as always. And, she’s probably right, as she usually is. I agree with her — we should keep our guard right where it is, and use the mercenaries to fight our battles. With overseers that we can trust, of course.

Zsazz has already sent out letters to certain companies, ones that will fight relatively cheaply, and can be kept in good confidence. He and I will conduct interviews with those that respond and arrive. All of this is being done to prepare for the worst, which could come at any moment. As soon as they are able, the genasi will march on Almraiven, and make us all into slaves. The city is with its WeavePasha, and none of us are going down without taking blood first.

The mercs’ first assignment will be to board a few of our more expendable ships, and intercept a small Calimnite fleet that is transporting slaves freshly taken from Ankhapur. I will personally lead the attack, but I’ll have to rely on a motley gang of misfits and greens. I know the WeavePasha wants to set an alliance with Ankhapur, and this is a great gesture toward doing so, but I don’t believe that rattling the sabre is such a good idea right now. We aren’t even prepared to defend ourselves; at least, we aren’t where I would feel comfortable. This is a solid plan, but I can’t help but think that it’s a bad time for me to leave the city.

The genasi ships were seen entering the Suldolphor Strait yesterday, and the letters are being sent tomorrow. I know a few local companies that will respond, but it’s going to be tough to catch the genasi. I don’t believe that Ankhapur is aware of our intentions, not yet. If we fail, I’ll try to bring as many home as I can. I’ll talk with Hurj tomorrow, see if I can’t hire his company on my own silver. I’d feel a lot better about being on board a ship full of mercenaries with him around.

Sister Jordan is already asleep. I think I’ll go have a few drinks with the off-duties before bed. I’m supposed to start telling the guard about the incoming mercs, anyway. A toast to trouble, and a welcome to war.

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Information (P-01)
from the journal of Tolis Melbid

4th Ches, 1479 DR
Year of the Ageless One

It has been a long day, and I am happy to be able to relax with some of my precious, dwindling supply of port. The WeavePasha has decided to pay it forward with the people of Ankhapur; the Calimnites recently attacked land around the city, and took several hundred as slaves. They have made south for the Suldolphor Strait, and cannot be pursued for fear of attack from the Calimnites’ allies in the southern border kingdoms. If it were not for their obvious drain upon the well-being of Calimshan, it would be commendable to see some stability in that region.

Because we cannot afford to pull from our defenses, the WeavePasha has asked that a groups of able-bodied mercenaries be found, and tasked with taking the Calimnites at sea. For rescuing the slaves and bringing back any genasi prisoners, he is paying from the treasury and ensuring letters of marque. In Cormyr, the king and his counsel would likely suggest the same course of action in such a situation. Perhaps I ought to send that letter tonight. They should know that I will not be coming home soon.

The task is not mine to see to the quick staffing of this rescue mission. I will likely perform some of the interviews, but the WeavePasha knows that I cannot be taken from my duty for long. Calls have been made in secret to well-known companies, and the tent-makers stir with commissions from the treasury to staff what will hopefully be the saving grace of our beleaguered Almraiven. Letters have been drafted and sent out with magical haste. With luck and providence, they will see us blessed with trustworthy warriors, and I can return to my family before long.

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